The Void, WTF.

The Void Project; personal project of Hannah R. Cole.

Hello friends at Citrix, I've set up my homepage to demonstrate my general understanding of web development and web hosting.

This domain was purchased through NameCheap, but will soon be migrated to GoDaddy due to the fact that I will have better control over my DNS Records, this is important if I want to set up my mail server in the future.

I host my domain on cloud server space purchased on Linode. I SSH into my server using either MobaXterm or PuTTy to manage and alter my website. I also utilize MobaXterm's SFTP service to upload images for use on my site. I currently have a full LAMP stack uploaded onto my server. Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

If you would like to view the source code of my website, you'll be able to see standard HTML, and my CSS is relegated to

Thank you for considering me.

Added this image so my home page wasn't just plain text, but there isn't a whole lot of content for my site yet. Still working on how I want it to be formatted, in general.

More Shenanigans.